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Brand Guidelines

How to use the name and logo

Spelling and pronunciation

The product name is spelled It is not spelled, Close, or Closio.
The name is pronounced Close-i-o (klōz-ī-ō).




We use Lato font family.

Please do not:

  • Use any logos or images to represent other than images provided on this page.
  • Modify the logo in any way (e.g. change colors, apply effects, or alter the size and position of the icon in relation to the name).
  • Use the logo in a way that would imply affiliation of your product or service to

Please do:

  • Use sufficient space around the logo to keep it uncluttered and clear in relation to other objects.
  • If your product or service integrates with, you may use the brand assets to showcase the integration.

PNG and EPS formats

Download logo (zip)